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Wander: Explore Walking Routes Tailored to You

Free walking routes for you, wherever you are!



Wander is a mobile app that approaches route planning differently to everything else out there. Instead of defining where you want to go, Wander lets you define what you want to see. With loads of filterable categories, there's something out there for everyone.

Wandering Traveler
Woman Walking


Once you've chosen the length of your Wander, and what kind of things you want to see, Wander hand-picks places from a worldwide database tailored to your preferences, and allows you to build a route that suits you.

View from Above


Wander will guide you along a tailor-made route, which could be a round trip if you just want to stretch your legs, or hopping from place to place if you're exploring and don't mind where you end up. Either way, don't be afraid to leave the trail - exploring is about having the freedom to go where you want, and Wander will always be there to bring you back to the path when you need it!

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