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Searching large documents for phrases that could be worded in multiple different ways is painstaking using traditional serach techniques. Cranesoft Search uses an innovative two phase approach to this processing -- pre-processing your document to uncover patterns, then querying the information it extracts for relevant topics. This means Search understand the semantics, not just the syntax of the language used to provide efficient search for your use case.

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Efficient Search

Search provides an easy way of searching documents for the content you want, without needing to know the exact term you're looking for

Intelligent Algorithms

Search uses intelligent algorithms based on Computer Science fundamentals to determine similar phrases in the document you search for

Format Agnostic

Search is not constrained to a specific type or format of document - whether you're looking for information in a PDF, DOC or a website, Search can help you find the information you want

Search in your own words

You can use the words you like to explain your point -- and Search will use NLP and AI techniques to find what you want, faster


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Search can be used to quickly and efficiently search legal documents for phrases worded in ways that might be worded in an unanticipated manner

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Audience and Lecturer

Search can be used to easily find particular references in lecture notes, reference documents and research papers


Search can be used to find key points in meeting minutes, conferencing notes, and much more

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