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Wander approaches route planning differently to everything else out there. Instead of defining where you want to go, Wander lets you define what you want to see. With loads of filterable categories, there's something out there for everyone


Stumbl does for nights out what Wander does for walking routes -- Stumbl plans a route round bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs for you and your friends, so you don't need to worry about planning


LastMinuteBid is an online auction 'sniping' service that allows you to get the products you want from an online auction for cheaper -- and with more flexibility than before, giving you complete control over what you bid


Cranesoft Search allows you to quickly find the information you want in large documents. Instead of rephrasing what you're looking for 50,000 times, write your search term in your own words, and our bespoke algorithm will find all the matches in your document!

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