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LastMinuteBid: Your New eBay Auction Sniper

Pay less for the items you want - for free!

What is Sniping?

Sniping enables you to place your bid as late as possible to an online auction, to give competing bidders less time to react and increase their maximum bid.

Ever lost an auction last minute you thought you'd won? Or seen the price of an item go up massively in the last few seconds? Chances are, a sniper is involved

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Why Snipe?

Sniping gives you a number of benefits - not only the chance to get the item you want at a cheaper price. With a sniper, if you've configured a bid, but then change your mind, you can simply remove the snipe, no need to go through the process of retracting the bid once it's sent! With LastMinuteBid, you can even configure a set of bids -- either purchasing one of a set, or trying to buy a whole set together.

Is Sniping Allowed?

Yes! Sniping is allowed on eBay and other auction sites. We connect to your accounts using official APIs that keeps your data safe and secure, and ensures LastMinuteBid does not have access to your password.

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